The Irish Pub
Welcome to Milano, Ireland.

Try to immagine aplace in Cork that is been taken apart and rebuilt in Milan.

This is the story ofMurphy’s law. Nobody knows how many pints he had to come up with such  an idea.

Each single piece comesfrom Ireland: the rock of the pavement, chairs, tables, counter, glasses,magazines and all the wooden furniture…

Anyway, even if theymoved here, they were  able to keep theirish spirit, together with the only two rules that are the same for everybody,the Edward muphy’s and the one of the black Murphy’s.  These two laws

Were able to create anirresistible mix of love at the first sip.

Thanks to the magic ofPier, Dee and Jacopo ,  murphy’s law becamea second house with its typical wooden furniture ,unique atmosphere,unforgettable hospitality and and endless combination between music and fun .

It’s a place betweenreality and legend where you can enjoy the company, the Italian football on bigscreen tv, karaoke events, theme parties like the Saint Patrick day. 70 seats,open every day from the 12pm to 12 am and on the weekend from 13pm to 2 am.Every day it’s also available a free wi-fi, as our neighbors  know very well.

You can put it anywayyou want it, but there is no escaping Murphy´s law!

So it’s better toenjoy a cool Murphy’s.



As far as the origin of Murphy´s law isconcerned, history and legend go hand in hand.

What we know for sureis that it’s been opened since the 14th april 1997 by Ronan Leonar born inCork, place where the Murphy’s Irish stout comes from.

Ronan literally tookthe idea to bring a piece of his irealand to Milan.

Undecidedon which piece to chose he took them all: ancient Irish black slabs for thefloors, to solid wood furniture,lighting, walls of wood,….It is said that threehuge trucks arrived in Montevideo street together with three guys from NorthernIreland, the pub, created  in Cork, was rebuiltin Milan during the day and after they got drunk during the night.

Sincethen the Murphy’s pub is the official ambassador of the irish pubs inItaly.Since the beginning thanks to Pier, Deirdre (Dee) and Jacopo the pub isback to it’s original splendor, winning for 3 years the award as the bestItalian pub.

 Visited by big names from entertainment,sports, politics and fashion, the pub is still in the heart of Ronal Leonardwho occasionally will be found sipping his Murphy’s.